Resorbable Spinal Spacer

Resorbable spinal implants have recently become popular in orthopedics. These spacers carry the advantages of allowing for clear visualization of new bone growth, eliminating the risk of pathogen transmission, and providing for consistent biomechanical quality. One of the key development in R & D pipeline is to have resorbable interbody spacer with/ without growth factors. Intramedualary Resorbable Plug
Intramedullary plugs are key factors in improving cement fixation of the femoral component. One of the future product using the synthetic polymer technology which BSI has developed is to develop Intramedulary resorbable plug.

Bioresorbable Bone Filler

Resorbable Bone Plug

Carriers for Cells and Therapeutic Agent





Scaffolds for Artificial Cartilage Development

Focal articular cartilage lesion or osteochondral defect in the knee is one of the major problem in orthopedics. Various treatments are being practiced to address this and current trend is towards repair and regeneration of cartilage. Bioscaffold International’s R & D is having the above in the roadmap to develop a scaffold for cellular and matrix in-growth in osteochondral defect repair such as bone and/or cartilage, which is not intrinsic to the stability of the tissue.