Meeting Dentists’ Needs

Meeting Dentists’ Needs

Alvelac Does Not Pack the Socket and It Maintains Space

  • Supports a natural way for bone regeneration by not filling whole socket for improved vascularisation.
  • It introduces a novel concept of space maintenance by placing scaffold at top of socket to limit early collapse and allow remodelling of bone during socket healing.

PLGA: Synthetic, FDA Approved

  • Biocompatible
  • No concern for disease transmission
  • Biodegrades within 2 – 6 months
  • A common choice in the production of a variety of biomedical devices such as: grafts, sutures, implants and prosthetic devices.
  • Has strong mechanical adhesion to the bone surface thus suppressing bleeding to enhance haemostasis
  • No religious/cultural issues since it is synthetic

Rigid & Highly Porous Structure

  • Prevents collapse of buccal and lingual walls
  • Achieves optimal height & width of bone regeneration
  • Allows gingival tissue to grow adequately at crest level
  • Mechanical strength & modulus of elasticity similar to trabecular bone
  • Maintained porosity at above 50% with macro-channels and micro pores to promote bone integration

Ease of Application

  • Intuitive steps familiar to all dentists
  • Membrane & flap surgery not required
  • Time-saver
  • Only uses haemostatic sponge to stabilize blood clot