How and Why Alvelac™ Works?

How and Why Alvelac™ Works?


How and Why Does Alvelac™ Work?


  • Alvelac™ acts as a supporting structure like a scaffold to support the blood clot and assist healing
  • Alvelac™ acts as a space maintainer to limit early collapse of socket walls
  • Alvelac™ supports a natural way for bone regeneration by not filling whole socket for improved vascularisation (Figure 1)




What’s Wrong With Socket Packing?

  • Socket is over packed thus no space for vascularisation, tissue formation and bone regeneration (Figure 2)
  • No sufficient blood clot formed
  • Bone regeneration takes very long time to occur





  • Osteoconductive materials act as a biocompatible scaffold but will not form bone without the presence of cells that will form bone (Buser D, Dahlin C, Schenk RK, Guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry, Chicago: Quintessence, 1994; 101-102)
  • A bone requires a blood supply to provide osteoprogenitor cells and associate growth factor (Mich CE.Contemporary implant dentistry.2nd ed.St.Louis:Mosby Inc,1999;462)
  • Sufficient blood clot is essential as the body has no ability to heal bone that is left exposed. Therefore, the exposed bone is undermined by osteoclastic resorption and eventually sloughed off. (Strujis PA,Poolman RW, Bhandari M. Infected non-union of the long bones. J Orthop Trauma. 2007;21(7):507-511.)