Benefits of Alvelac™

Benefits of Alvelac™


Functionally Superior

  • Although several varieties of bone grafts are available in the market, they are all not the same in bone regenerating capacities.
  • Alvelac™’s unique shape and the underlying biotechnology provide for superior bone quality in terms of bone density and bone volume.

Superior Aesthetics

  • Since Alvelac™ has the ability to maintain and regenerate good bone, it gives a profound foundation for any type of prosthesis, be it dentures, bridges or implants
  • With Alvelac™ as a building block, any type of prosthesis will provide superior aesthetics

Superior Strength

  • Alvelac™ has gone head to head with popular competitors and claimed to provide stronger and superior bone
  • Alvelac™ has typical strength of >5 MPa
  • Alvelac™ has a combined volumetric space of >70% comprising of micro porosity and macro channels


  • Alvelac™ is biodegradable and biocompatible with the tissues so safety is not compromised.
  • Since Alvelac™ helps bone in growth and increases bone volume, the chances of nerve damage during implant bed preparation is considerably low.
  • Alvelac™ is sterilized using dry heat and is vacuum packed
  • No religious/cultural issues since it is synthetic