After the tooth has been extracted, your dentist will clean and irrigate your sockets to remove any infected tissues remaining inside the sockets; this is done so as to promote bleeding for maximum healing of the gums. (Figure 1)

Your dentist then will select and insert the right size of Alvelac™ into your socket. This helps prevent the socket walls from collapsing and for blood clot to be filled up to crestal level as shown in Figure 2.

A haemostatic sponge will then be placed over the scaffold to act as a blood clot retainer. This is followed by sutures. Simple and effective !


What To Expect After Tooth Extraction ?

  • After tooth extraction, some discomfort, pain and swelling may be expected in the next 48 hours as your wound heals.
  • You may feel some pain and have some swelling. You can use an ice bag (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off) for the first day to keep this to a minimum. The swelling usually starts to go down after 48 hours.
  • Some discomfort is normal after surgery. Analgesic tablets can be taken as directed by your dentist.
  • You may be required to make a post-op appointment in one week to remove the suture and check on the healing of the extraction area.