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About Us – Bio Scaffold International Pte Ltd

Bio-Scaffold International (BSI), formerly known as Rapid-Tech Pte LtdBio-Scaffold International (BSI), formerly known as Rapid-Tech Pte Ltd, was incorporated in Singapore, March 1999 to advance biomedical research. BSI is a research and development company using 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) for developing and manufacturing biopolymeric and metallic scaffolds/implants for Tissue Engineering.
The initial focus was developing Poly Lactic co Glycolic Acid (PLGA) scaffolds for tissue engineeirng. In 2000, the company collaborated with NSTB, GINTIC to develop bio-scaffolds for use in Guided Tissue Engineering under the Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme (LETAS) grant from SPRING Singapore. This resulted in the development of a new technology for the processing of bio-scaffolds. The first prototype was produced in December 2003 and a joint patent with A*STAR was filed with IPOS in respect of the new technology in 2004.

In April 2005, the company was awarded The Enterprise Challenge (TEC) grant by the Prime Minister’s Office for in-vitro and in-vivo testing on the bio-scaffolds with the Faculty of Dentistry (FOD), National University of Singapore (NUS). It also received the TEC Innovator Award in November 2005. Clean room facilities were set up for operations that year.

Histology results obtained from the in-vitro study at the NUS in August 2006 reported bone growth and mineralization inside and outside of the bio-scaffold implanted in the iliac of rabbits. The in-vitro and in-vivo tests were completed in November 2006.

etching another milestone in the company’s journey towards business excellence.
FDI Annual World Dental Congress: Etching another milestone in our journey towards business excellence.
ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 initiatives were launched in December 2006. The clinical trial on the first application, i.e., Dental Alveolar Scaffold commenced in June 2007 and was completed in November 2008. The clinical trial showed no signs of infection or other complications which can compromise patient safety. R & D facilities were established in June 2007. 

In September 2007, a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) was signed with Saveetha University, India for the joint biomedical research in bone regeneration and dental implantology. The company subsequently received the Professional Enterprise (Prestige) Award with citation from Asian Management Association (AMA) in November 2007.

The efficacy of Alvelac was presented at the European Tissue Engineering Symposium in 2008 (Rapid characterixation of cartilage bones bioscaffold_ECTS 08 final rva) and 2009 and in one of the major conference Evaluation of bone quality in dental socket using two differnet approaches

In September 2009,A poster was presented  on the clinical efficacy of Alvelac, which won poster presntation award  at the prestigious FDI Annual World Dental Congress (“FDI”) attended by 10,000 international participants with over 200 submissions. This represents only Singaporean entry in the year to have made it to the top 12 submissions amongst others from Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Poland, Iran, USA, Kazakhstan, Austria and many more.

BSI obtained FDA 510k and CE Mark  for Alvelac and the product was launched for market testing in UK in 2011. Alvelac is currentlty registered in Taiwan and India besides CE mark (for EU) and FDA 510k (US).

Ongoing research is on developing PLGA and other biopolymeric /metallic scaffolds/implants  with/ witout growth factors both for clinical and research applications in orthopedics and cosmetology.